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So you’re tired of surfing the web for half-baked answers of how to handle your immigration case, and you’ve finally thrown in the towel on trying to handle everything simply by reviewing Joe Schmoe’s Facebook page on the subject.  You’ve found someone with a real law license.  That’s right.  A bona-fide, died in the wool immigration attorney in Chicago who has scheduled you for a free consultation with her firm.  But, what should you expect during this meeting?  How the consultation goes might determine your whole future, so of course you are nervous.  Don’t be.

This consultation is more of an opportunity for this lawyer to show you what he or she knows and why it is that they are the Chicago immigration attorney for you, rather than it being about you trying to come off smart or knowledgeable or that you should feel like you have to present the facts of your case in a proper manner.  Really, you need to use the free consultation to determine whether this immigration attorney is someone you can work with on your case and whether or not you actually have a case.

Immigration Attorney in Chicago – Free Consultation Rundown

The most important thing to determine right off the bat is whether this immigration attorney is going to really listen to you.  If it’s all about him/her, you can schedule another free consultation elsewhere.  But if the immigration lawyer really listens to you and carefully considers the facts of your case, then the consultation has gotten off to a good start.  For example, a good attorney will often begin by asking, “So, tell me what’s going on, I see that (xyz from your inquiry form)” and then let you explain things.

Once the lawyer has a good sense of your case she should give you an explanation of what the current law is and how the immigration authorities are currently processing cases like yours.  She might explain to you how the firm has handled similar cases before and what happened with those cases.

Sometimes the law is convoluted or is currently changing and the attorney will not be able to tell you exactly what the law says about a unique issue you may have. He or she may tell you that they want to look up that issue and get back to you. Alternatively, they may offer you a lower fee that just covers the cost of the investigation stage of the case, allowing the firm to determine the proper plan of attack before committing you to the case long-term.

Rather than showing inability, it actually shows that you have a careful and studious attorney who wants to study what is a forever changing and infinitely complicated area of law, and that they want to get it right and not give you any false hopes.  Particularly for individuals who have an immigration or criminal history such as a possible arrest by Customs and Border Patrol, this makes the most sense.

Immigration Attorney in Chicago - The Important Part of a Free Consultation

There are many Chicago immigration law firms, and choosing one can be difficult. What matters most of all is that you feel that the attorney you met with cares about you, was honest with you, and that you really understood what she explained and answered your questions.  Just like a visit with the doctor, if you walk out scratching your head, you’re going to worry more and are better off finding someone else. When choosing between Chicago immigration law firms, pick the one that clearly understood your facts, and made you feel comfortable--it’s a good sign of an excellent use of your free consultation time.

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