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Illinois Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chicago, Illinois Bankruptcy Attorneys

Chapter 13 Attorney Serving Waukegan and Lake County IL

"Erase part of your debts, make payment a plan on what remains, to keep everything"

  • Reduce unsecured debt (not tied to a property) of between 10-90% - the less income, the less amount to pay;
  • 3-5 year payment plan to the court at 8% interest;
  • Reduce 2nd and 3rd mortgages if the debt is above the property value;
  • Reduce debt of a vehicle if you have own it more than 2.5 years and the debt is above the value;
  • Make a payment plan for student loan payments or taxes;
  • Protect co-signers;
  • For the foreclosure of your home if it is filed before the foreclosure sale.