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As with child custody, visitation matters are decided with the best interests of the children in mind. At the Katz Law Office, Ltd. in Chicago, Illinois, we represent our clients at the mediation table and in the courtroom in defending their visitation rights.

A non-custodial parent or parent who does not have legal custody or joint custody is entitled to substantial visitation rights. Illinois law has clear standards when it comes to awarding visitation rights. According to the general rule, the best interests of the children are to have maximum interaction with both parents. That can include various weeknights, every other weekend, alternate holidays and birthdays, and two weeks over the summer. Supervised visitation will be ordered if a social worker identifies any potential endangerment to a minor child.

At the Katz Law Office, Ltd., we represent grandparents in pursuing their visitation rights under the law. Our attorneys will help show that the children's health will be improved and harm will be prevented through regular visitation with their grandparents. If one parent does not permit grandparents to see their grandchildren, or if both parents do this, we will intervene on the grandparent's behalf and defend their visitation rights.

Child abduction can be a tragic result following the finalization of visitation. While a parent has visitation rights, they do not have the right to wrongly conceal the child from the other parent and prevent interaction or visitation. We will file petitions and warrants on your behalf if your child was unlawfully taken from you.

The attorneys at our firm pride themselves on their attention, energy, and professionalism. For more information or to schedule a consultation regarding your parental rights and visitation rights, please contact us.

The Katz Law Office, Ltd. serves clients throughout Illinois, including Chicago, La Villita, Lawndale, Brighton Park, Midway, Cicero, Pilsen, Garfield Park, Berwyn, Cook County, Lake County, Kendall County, Kane County, Du Page County, Will County, Avondale and Logan Square.