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Chicago, IL Deportation Defense Attorneys

Chicago Deportation Defense Attorneys

Tenacious Deportation Lawyers Serving DuPage County

When you need help, every moment is vitally important. We are available to take on your deportation case when you need us the most, fighting to keep you in the United States and close to your loved ones. At Katz Law Office, Ltd., we understand the underlying fear of deportation many of our clients harbor. Our attorneys take protective measures to avoid deportation situations for our clients and work hard to fight deportation and removal actions. We have successfully represented clients throughout Cook County, Lake County, Kendall County, Kane County, DuPage County, and Will County.

What is Deportation?

Deportation is the physical removal of a foreign person from the United States based on evidence of immigration law violations. The Immigration Nationality Act is one piece of legislation that governs such removals. We help our clients avoid actions that prompt deportation activities such as expired visas or illegal entry, by offering them guidance on the pathways to immigrate. Criminal activity can also impact your immigration status. We provide criminal defense for those accused of criminal activity in the United States and will work tirelessly to protect your immigration status.

Providing Aggressive Deportation and Removal Defense

Do not assume that there is nothing you can do to avoid deportation. We know how to address any issue that precedes a deportation/removal action. We can seek relief on your behalf from removal or help obtain certain protections during the removal process. Our main goal is to keep you in the United States.

Even though the challenge to defend your residency rights increases after deportation, we have the knowledge and experience to make an appeal and will tenaciously pursue an outcome that protects your best interest. In all aspects of your case, we will provide an honest assessment of the matter so that you and your family will know what to expect. When we file for relief from removal, we will seek:

  • The cancellation of the deportation
  • Adjustments to your residency status to achieve immigration law compliance
  • Immigration waivers
  • Asylum, if applicable to your situation

We will pursue every possible avenue to help avoid deportation because it makes it harder to gain re-entry approval. In some cases, deportees are barred access for several years. We understand what this type of separation can do to family and even business relationships. We are passionate about protecting your right to establish a productive life and will stand by your side before, during, and after deportation proceedings.

If you or a loved one is facing deportation or going through the deportation process, please contact our deportation defense lawyers today. Please call 773-847-8982 to schedule your free, initial consultation to discuss your immigration matter. We have several offices in the Chicago metro area to serve your needs. Hablamos Español.

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