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Waiting for Deportation? Do Not Be Afraid!

Chicago Immigration Attorneys

Chicago deportation attorneys

Facing deportation can be scary. If you are facing the possibility of being deported from the United States, you need to contact an experienced immigration defense attorney as soon as possible to begin working on your case's defense strategy. Deportations are governed by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

Do not panic if you are informed that you are being deported. It is important that you understand exactly why you are being deported before you seek to have the court repeal its decision. Discuss your case and your individual circumstances with an immigration attorney who can explain to you exactly why you are being deported and what your legal options are.

When a Business Fails, Is Bankruptcy the Best Option?

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys

Chicago bankruptcy lawyers

In some situations, yes. Whether filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you in the wake of a failed business depends largely on whether or not your personal assets would be at risk during the bankruptcy process.

A failed business is defined as any business that is not profitable and has to be shut down. Business failure is a fairly common occurrence in this country: according to Bloomberg Business an estimated eight in 10 new businesses fail within 18 months.

If your business debts have reached a point where they are beyond your control or soon will be, you need to act now to get your finances in check. This might require you to file for bankruptcy; it might not. The best way to determine your options and the best one for your situation is to contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss your individual circumstances and get a professional opinion about the best way to tackle your debt.

Learn the Steps to Avoid Losing Your Home to Illinois Foreclosure

Chicago Mortgage Foreclosure Attorneys

Chicago Illinois foreclosure lawyers

If you are facing foreclosure, don't give up hope just yet. There are ways you can work to keep your home. Before signing away your deed or allowing the bank to foreclose on your house, contact an experienced foreclosure attorney to discuss the options that are available to you. Depending on your circumstances, keeping your home can be fairly simple or require a more complicated strategy.

The laws that govern foreclosure in Illinois are written into Chapter 735 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedures. The foreclosure process takes about 15 months to complete from the date of the second missed mortgage payment to the order of eviction.

Start 2015 right by taking control of your finances and getting yourself away from foreclosure. Your house is important and it is in your best interest to do everything you can to stay in it.

If You Have Not Divorced in Mexico, Can You Remarry in the United States?

Chicago Divorce Attorneys

Chicago IL divorce lawyers

If you have not divorced in Mexico, but you remarried in the United States, could this affect you? In short, yes. If you are married to another person anywhere in the world, you may not marry again until your first marriage is formally ended. To attempt to do otherwise is to attempt to commit bigamy, which is the state of being legally married to two separate people at the same time.

Bigamy is illegal in Illinois and throughout the rest of the United States. To prevent a bigamy charge, you need to end your previous marriage before marrying again. Ending a marriage that occurred outside the United States is a much different process than getting a divorce within the United States. It is important to understand this process and know what you need to do to end your international marriage before proceeding with a remarriage.

Katz Builds Legal Career Based on a Mission

By Olivia Clarke - Chicago Lawyer

MatthewKatzAt age 32, and with only about four years of legal experience, Matthew Katz has turned his legal practice into a thriving law firm with 10 lawyers and four offices, including a new office in Mexico City.

Described by his colleagues as a visionary and by his clients as trustworthy, Katz has built a law practice that provides a full range of legal services to the local Spanish-speaking community. His legal career has become an extension of both his commitment to political activism within the Latino community, and his long-time passion for the Spanish language.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, he taught at Farragut Career Academy high school, which serves the predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhood of Little Village. He learned first­hand the injustices his students and their families faced, and vowed that he would some­day open a law practice in the school's community.

"I like being able to have a huge impact on people's lives," Katz said. "Before I go to court, I'm, most of the time, up in the middle of the night. I'm washing the dishes and straightening the house at like 3 or 4 in the morning ... Sometimes I have an epiphany on a case, sometimes I'm just nervous or stressed out.