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The Illinois Parentage Act of 1984 allows for parentage courts to order DNA tests to prove paternity. At the Katz Law Office, Ltd. in Chicago, we represent our clients who want to establish paternity to secure support for or visitation of their child.

The easiest and quickest way to determine paternity is voluntary acknowledgement by the father. That will prevent DNA paternity testing. However, if a child is born to parents that are married, the legal presumption is that the baby is biologically both the mother's and the father's. Voluntary acknowledgement by the biological father is irrelevant and only a court order for a DNA test may prove a different paternity.

If a child is born with two unmarried parents, the mother often wants to prove paternity to secure support and the father may request a DNA test to have the right to custody and visitation. Either party has a right to a DNA test. The laws in these complicated matters are determined by the same laws that apply to divorce cases.

At the Katz Law Office, Ltd., we take a methodical and systematic approach to paternity cases. We identify our client's goals in discovering the parentage of their child. We need to know what you expect from the other parent following a determination on the parentage of your child. This involves completing custody intake and interview forms. Our attorneys have also handled modifications of child support related to paternity cases.

The attorneys at our firm pride themselves on their attention, energy, and professionalism. For more information or to schedule a consultation regarding legal paternity testing and unwed father's rights, please contact us.

The Katz Law Office, Ltd. serves clients throughout Illinois, including Chicago, La Villita, Lawndale, Brighton Park, Midway, Cicero, Pilsen, Garfield Park, Berwyn, Cook County, Lake County, Kendall County, Kane County, Du Page County, Will County, Avondale and Logan Square.