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Chicago Child Custody and Child Support Attorneys

Chicago Child Custody and Child Support Attorneys

Illinois Family Law Lawyers Assisting in Child Issues

Legal issues involving children can be complex, but if you have the right legal support, you can navigate issues with efficiency and clear expectations. Katz Law Office, Ltd. is a friendly family law firm with caring attorneys who are committed to understanding your needs and protecting the best interests of your children. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you through children's issues that stem from divorce, guardianship, paternity/parentage, and adoption.

Handling Divorce When There are Children Involved

After a divorce, the familial landscape is often vastly different. Ex-spouses may relocate or remarry and thereby open the door for changes to or conflicts with child custody and visitation arrangements. While we are proponents for agreeable situations, we also understand the level of emotion involved in caring for and rearing children. We approach each case with the understanding that every family situation is different and we must work within your dynamics to promote goodwill and seek amicable solutions. We will stand by your side and provide:

  • Legal representation for disputes derived from breach of agreement in regards to visitation or custody;
  • Reviews and updates to parenting plans as part of a post-divorce modification; and
  • Advocacy when one spouse is not meeting their child support or interstate child support obligation.

Our main goal is to provide a stable environment for your children and give parents equitable access so that each child can maintain a bond with both parents. 

The Adoption Process in Illinois

There are several scenarios for adoption and the Adoption Act explains the acceptable legal conditions under which a person may seek adoption. Sometimes children are available for adoption due to termination of parental rights or death of both biological parents. We work with individuals and couples who wish to adopt child relatives as well as non-related children. When we work with you, we will examine adoption eligibility requirements, your readiness for adoption, and any issues that may hinder or block adoption progress. We will also help you to determine the type of adoption you are requesting such as agency-assisted, international adoption, or private adoption.

Paternity Determinations, Parentage, and Guardianship

If you are seeking to establish paternity or are encountering parentage issues, we can help you sort through parental matters. Paternity is the father-child relationship, while parentage focuses on the parent-child relationship. There are many ways to establish paternity in Illinois and tools to guide the process:

  • Illinois Putative Father Registry - An online tool for fathers seeking paternity rights.
  • DNA Testing - Voluntary or court-ordered testing to establish paternity.
  • Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity - A form that claims or denies paternity rights.

It is important to note that when paternity is established, it can impact child visitation, adoption, child custody, and child support awards. The Illinois Child Support Office is a trusted resource for child support enforcement and we work with them to make sure children have access to the resources and financial support they need.

Guardianship is the legal process of appointing a person to care for those who are legally unable to care for themselves due to age or incapacitation. Our guardianship lawyers can help you initiate a petition for guardianship so that you can establish a standard of stable care for your loved one. Our attorneys are ready to help you build a better future for your children, one day at a time.

Contact our Chicago family law attorneys today to schedule a free, initial consultation to discuss any child-related legal issues you are experiencing. Please call (773) 847-8982 today to schedule your free, initial consultation at one of our Chicago area offices. We assist clients throughout Cook County, Lake County, Kendall County, Kane County, DuPage County, and Will County. Se habla Español.

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