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Child support in Illinois is based on strict guidelines. At the Katz Law Office, Ltd. in Chicago, we assist with the calculations of child support and facilitation of the entire process.

For one child, child support is 20% of the net income. For two children, 28% is the threshold. The formulas increase from there depending on the number of children. There are occasions where a lump sum will be allowed. No matter how the amount is disbursed, the residential custodian is entitled to child support. Changes in circumstances such as the loss of employment or a new job will allow for modifications following the final decree.

At the Katz Law Office, Ltd., we also represent our clients in the more complicated matter of interstate child support. No matter how far a parent may move away, they still have a duty to support that child. Even if there is little to no interaction with the child, child support still must be paid.

On your behalf, we will assist in preparing a proposed child support order for the court to enter and a judge to sign. That order will include a notice to withhold income for support. If the court enters the order, written notification will be sent to the appropriate state and money will be deducted from the parent's paycheck.

The attorneys at our firm pride themselves on their attention, energy, and professionalism. For more information or to schedule a consultation regarding child support or interstate child support, please contact us.

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