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Traveling to the U.S. for business is often a stressful activity, particularly when business challenges loom on the horizon and you must devote significant mental energy and skill to that—the last thing you want to worry about is your having to deal with a problem with your visa status. Katz Law Office, Ltd. has for many years helped prominent business leaders successfully navigate this process, and is a leader in the U.S. immigration field. Our firm has helped literally thousands of individuals obtain immigrant and nonimmigrant visas from U.S. consulates and embassies in their home countries. The firm’s owner is not only a leading immigration attorney who graduated law school cum laude but he also earned an MBA from one of the world’s top business schools. His experience and education has been passed on to his team who knows how to utilize top legal strategies and cutting edge business acumen to help the firm’s clients obtain and preserve the proper business visa to help accomplish all of their U.S. goals.

Walking the thin line between using and abusing B1 visa status


Individuals who travel to the U.S. principally to conduct business activities properly use the B1 visa for that purpose. Business activities may include scouting out a new office space, purchasing materials to send home for production, signing contracts, among other undertakings. The business visitor is typically given up to six months to remain in the U.S. per entry to conduct these activities. The language of the U.S. Foreign Affairs Manual is that the B1/B2 visa type is as follows:

Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter the United States temporarily for business (B1), tourism, pleasure or visiting (B2), or a combination of both purposes (B1/B2).

Because most business visitors will usually stay a week, perhaps two, inside the U.S., if you instead elect to remain in the country for several months this behavior will likely raise suspicion on the part of Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers that you may be violating your B1 visa classification. Often B visa holders are seen by these officers to have been residing in the U.S. and they are forced to return to their country and their visa privileges are revoked. Because these officers have absolute discretion in the execution of their duties and travelers often have very little legal recourse once their visa has been revoked, you will want to be extremely careful to be absolutely certain that you are using the proper visa classification and that you do not violate the terms of that visa, once obtained.

Any of the following behaviors may alert a CBP officer to the suspicion that you are misusing the B1 visa for purposes other than temporary business activities:

· You abandon your residence in your home country;

· You do not have a return ticket or even an approximate return date;

· You enroll your children in school in the U.S.;

· Your purchase a home in the U.S. and reside there consistently;

· You possess financial documents indicating ongoing resident-type activities in the U.S. (e.g., opening a personal checking account which exhibits regular consistent use);

· You are paid for work in the U.S.;

· You are paid abroad for work done in the U.S. that normally would be done by a U.S. worker.

Our firm has met with hundreds of business people (often even for extremely wealthy and high ranking executives) who have lost their B1/B2 visa status for precisely these activities, and we have helped countless of them retain a proper status so as to enter the U.S. lawfully.

Business visa options – where to start


Numerous business visa options exist for individuals who plan to spend significant time in the U.S. for business purposes. In order to help evaluate the various options and put yourself on the right path to making the correct decision, the most important question to ask yourself when beginning to determine which type of business visa is the best one for you, is whether or not you want to permanently reside in the United States or whether you plan to maintain your permanent residence in your home country.

Business visa options for permanent residency in the U.S.

Numerous business and investor options exist for those do (or may) want to permanently reside in the U.S. These include:

· L-1A visa for intracompany executives and managers;

· H-1B visa for dual intent professionals and specialty workers;

· EB-1 priority workers;

· EB-2 for professionals holding advanced degrees or for individuals of exceptional ability;

· EB-5 for job creating investors and their families;

· E-2 small-medium (and up) sized business investor visas may offer a status similar to (but not completely) permanent residency.

Business visa options for temporary stays in the U.S.


For those business persons who do not plan to move to reside permanently in the United States but instead may want to stay for more than six months or otherwise engage in activities not permitted by the B1 visa status, such as working in the U.S., the following options may offer solutions:

· E-1 treaty trader or E-2 treaty investor visa;

· H-1B visa for specialty occupations;

· L-1B visa for workers with specialized knowledge;

· O visa for individuals with extraordinary ability;

· Q visa for cultural exchange;

· TN visa for Mexican and Canadian professionals.

What should a client expect from a business immigration lawyer?

The attorneys at Katz Law Office, Ltd. will work to foresee potential problems that may exist with the immigration authorities right at the very beginning of your case. Because we have experience handling literally thousands of immigration matter with success, we know exactly what sort of issues the immigration authorities might flag in your matter as a reason to deny your case, and we use that broad knowledge to address those issues from day one. To help do this well we give every client a comprehensive intake review even before we agree to accept the case with our office. This helps client and firm alike know exactly what’s involved from at the outset so it is unlikely that surprises surface midstream.

Our attorneys also work at protecting your business and because we know the immigration processes inside and out and understand the issues that relate to businesses we can help to protect your overall business welfare. We will look out for ways that our immigration work may overlap with other areas of the law, e.g,. tax planning, corporate and business law, among other areas, to ensure that we don’t cross swords with other professionals or alert you to potential issues where those may arise. Moreover, our firm has a network of other professionals such as international accounting firms, business consultants, government lobbying firms, and corporate law attorneys who we work with when necessary in order to ensure the welfare of the business overall is best protected.

Also, at Katz Law Office, Ltd. our attorneys are client centered and know how to translate complex ideas and nuanced legal concepts to our business clients in straightforward and easy to understand terminology. Also, because we have handled virtually every area of immigration law time and again, we have a strong working knowledge of the big picture of U.S. immigration law, which is important because sometimes the answer to your case is going to be in the family immigration law arena or even deportation defense law.

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