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Chicago Immigration Defense Lawyer: Crimes and Arrests

Crimes and Arrests in DuPage County and Lake County

Arrested by the immigration police? Immigration status in jeopardy following a crime? You deserve experienced legal help in simple language you can understand. At the Katz Law Office, we provide strong defense representation to protect your rights and your immigration status. Talk with our Spanish-Speaking attorneys at Katz Law Office in an initial consultation. Contact us to discuss your immigration arrest or immigration crime case.

Immigration Arrests

The immigration police (formally known as the Immigration Customs Enforcement - ICE) use deceptive tactics to arrest individuals. You may be asked to report to the courthouse to pick up a copy of a recent case disposition. However, when you got there, the immigration police were there to arrest you. Now you are sitting in a jail cell and being denied bond.

As an experienced immigration law firm, we help advocate for your rights and enforce your right to bond.

  • Bond denied by local jail officials: Many times, bond is granted by the judge. However, the local law enforcement refuses to release the individual. Usually, this is because the sheriff received a document requesting notification within 48 hours of release. However, this does not mean you cannot be released. We provide aggressive immigration detention defense to get you out of jail. We file a motion with the immigration judge to get your bond accepted.
  • Getting bond when detained by ICE: Once you have been detained by the immigration police (ICE), you usually have a right to bond. We negotiate with the Immigration Customs Enforcement agents to obtain bond. If negotiations are unsuccessful, we file a motion for bond with the court.

Immigration Crimes

A conviction for certain crimes can affect your immigration status. If you have been arrested for a crime, you need an experienced defense lawyer who can protect your rights. Most people who have been arrested have a right to a bond hearing. However, people who have allegedly committed certain crimes are not eligible for bond:

  • Aggravated felonies: such as kidnapping, solicitation of prostitution, possession of a stolen vehicle, domestic violence, rape, felony theft, possession of a firearm, burglary, or arson, among others.
  • Crimes of moral turpitude: such as DUI on a suspended license, battery of a child, child abandonment, involuntary manslaughter, possession of child pornography, retail theft, violation of order of protection, insurance fraud, bribery, or perjury, among others.

We provide aggressive criminal defense representation to clients facing serious criminal charges and fight to protect their immigration status.

Convictions obtained by a guilty plea prior to 1996 may be eligible for a waiver of deportation. The government views the guilty plea as an agreement made with the government which would be unfair to penalize if made before 1996 when the laws changed to make convictions immigration problems. Unfortunately, due to current immigration laws, convictions after 1996 are not eligible for this waiver. However, there may still be options for these individuals.

  • Argue hardship and waivers: When our client faces deportation, we argue hardship to relatives to preserve their residence for parents, children, and spouses.
  • Motion to terminate: Many crimes may be classified as a crime which would result in deportation. However, we argue that certain crimes may have been incorrectly classified by DHS attorneys who prosecute deportation cases before the Immigration Judge. If your crime falls into a grey area, we fight to have the deportation proceeding terminated so that you are not deported.

Katz Law Office is dedicated to protecting the rights of non-citizens and non-documented individuals. Contact us for experienced legal advice in your immigration arrest or immigration crime case.

Hablamos Español - Our Chicago, Illinois lawyers speak fluent Spanish and can guide you throughout the legal process in plain language that you can understand.

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