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Chicago, IL Traffic Violations Attorneys

Chicago Traffic Violations Attorneys

Skilled Traffic and License Defense Lawyers in Lake County

At Katz Law Office, Ltd., we help Chicago area drivers respond to traffic violation charges and protect their rights in traffic court. We serve residents of the Chicago metro area with respectful representation every day. Driving restrictions may negatively impact your access to transportation and therefore affect your career, relationships, and ability to participate in educational and recreational activities. Traffic convictions can also affect your ability to be insured and possibly increase your car insurance rates. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about Illinois traffic laws and will work hard to help you get back on the road, legally. We handle a variety of traffic-related offenses including, but not limited to:

The preceding offenses are considered "must appear" offenses. This means that you must appear in traffic court to address the charges against you. Some violations may be handled via mail or online. In Cook County, the Online Traffic Ticket System provides online access to respond to and pay fines for traffic offenses.

Helping Chicago Clients Understand Traffic Tickets and Notices

Did you know that it is possible to receive jail time for unpaid parking tickets? Thinking of just accepting guilt and paying the tickets? We can look at your record and properly advise you on how to best handle your traffic offenses. While there may be times when it is best to pay the tickets and plead guilty, we generally recommend requesting a hearing on the matter. Notices to suspend or revoke your license must be answered quickly. Do not feel overwhelmed. We can help.

When you receive a traffic ticket, there will be instructions on how to respond. It is important to respond within the allotted time and follow the directions to avoid additional issues. If you are not sure how to read or respond to your ticket, our traffic defense attorneys can answer your questions and guide your response. Our goal is to keep your record clean or seek lesser charges, when applicable.

Driver’s License Reinstatement in Illinois

In Illinois, the Secretary of State (SOS) has the authority to revoke or suspend your driver’s license. Depending on the traffic violation, you will be issued points. Those points dictate the length of the suspension:

Points Consequence
0 - 14 No Suspension
15-44 Two-Month Suspension
45-74 Three-Month Suspension
75-89 Six-Month Suspension
90-99 Nine-Month Suspension
100-109 One Year Suspension
110 or more    License Revoked

If you wish to reinstate your license, we can represent you in the SOS administrative hearing. We are familiar with such hearings so we can prepare you for the process by going over common questions, walking you step by step through the likely scenarios you will encounter, and educating you on all fees, eligibility requirements and responsibilities.

Contact our Chicago traffic defense lawyers today for experienced representation or counsel for your traffic or driver’s license matter. We provide a free, initial consultation to discuss your issue. Call (773) 847-8982 today to schedule your appointment at one of our Chicago metro area offices. We can help you resolve your traffic concerns. Se habla Español.

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