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Chicago, IL Immigration Lawyers

Chicago, IL Immigration Lawyers

Experienced Deportation and Visa Attorneys Serving DuPage and Lake Counties

At Katz Law Office, Ltd., we sift through the complexity of immigration law to provide a streamlined approach that promotes understanding and a sense of calm for our clients. There are few things more troubling than worrying about the fate of your residency and work status in Chicago, Illinois. We strive to help you find peace and stability. Our attorneys are dedicated to advocating for our neighbors in the immigrant and Spanish-speaking communities. We serve those who speak English as a second language (ESL) and other non-English speaking clients. We have intricate knowledge of the immigration system and can help you understand all options that are available for your specific circumstances.

Complete Representation for Immigration Issues in Chicago

Our firm focuses on providing assistance with visas, work permits, naturalization, and a multitude of other immigration concerns including:

  • Waivers – We have the knowledge and experience to seek hardship waivers, other waivers to avoid deportation or barred entry to the United States after deportation, or other stains on one's record.
  • Deportation/Removal Defense – We are skilled deportation and removal defense attorneys who passionately defend our clients who have received a Notice to Appear from the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • Criminal Immigration Defense – If you are charged with a crime, a conviction can impact your immigration status. We will aggressively defend your criminal case and work hard to avoid deportation.
  • Green Cards – If you are not sure how to obtain a green card, we can help you understand eligibility requirements and walk you through the process to become a lawful, permanent resident of the United States.
  • Political Asylum – Those seeking protection from persecution from their home country and are not willing to return may request residency in the United States. We can help you file the appropriate paper work and represent you in political asylum cases.
  • Immigration Appeals and Motions – If you do not agree with the decision rendered in an immigration case, or suspect abuse or inappropriate application of immigration laws, we can help you file an appeal or initiate a motion to reopen your case.

Our greatest concern is that you fully understand what you are facing. We will take time to carefully explain how immigration laws pertain to your situation. Because immigration rules and laws are ever-changing, you must connect with an experienced immigration lawyer to achieve the best possible outcome. Our immigration attorneys have in-depth experience representing men and women throughout Chicago and Mexico City.

For our clients in Mexico, we take time to explain Mexico's Immigration Law and handle Migration Status and Categories, Successions and Wills, and Real Estate in Mexico. Our legal support is varied and far-reaching. We stay at the forefront of ever-changing laws to make sure we are providing relevant representation for our clients in Mexico City.

Educating Our Clients About Immigration Topics

We are not only advocates for families with immigration concerns, we are educators. We provide the following resources to help build understanding:

We want well-informed clients who understand their rights and the legal pathways to immigrate. To that end, we are committed to look beyond the face value of an immigration case and dig deeper to obtain life-changing results for our clients.

If you wish to legally work and live in the United States, but are encountering immigration issues, please contact our immigration attorneys today. Call (773) 847-8982. We provide a free, initial consultation to discuss your immigration matter. We have several locations throughout Chicago to serve you. Se habla Español.


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