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Chicago Divorce Mediation and Child Custody Lawyers

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Mediation is becoming more popular as a means to settle legal matters out of court. The attorneys at the Katz Law Office, Ltd., believe that mediation can be the best option for resolving all aspects of a divorce.

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Mediation in Child Custody

The Illinois Supreme Court mandates mediation when it comes to child custody. Contentious court battles that place children in the middle are emotionally damaging for parents and children, not to mention ex-spouses.

At the Katz Law Office, Ltd., we will communicate the benefits of divorce mediation and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. However, we will not pressure you into mediation to resolve your divorce matter. You will always have the right to litigate if mediation is not successful.

Mediation: What to Expect

Your divorce mediation will be facilitated by a court-appointed social worker trained in conflict resolution. All issues will be open for discussion and all information shared will not be part of a public record. Cooperation is encouraged and petty arguments are discouraged. Too many divorces are resolved in a very bitter fashion with one side or the other dissatisfied. Mediation attempts to give you more control over the outcome when it comes to support or child custody. The decisions made will affect the rest of your life and you should have a say in them.

We mediate the following cases: Divorce, property division, child custody, and visitation.

Mediation Requires Cooperation

The positives of divorce mediation can be completely negated if the other side is not willing to discuss things in a fair, open, and reasonable manner. Your willingness to engage in divorce mediation is only as effective as your spouse's willingness to cooperate as well. Litigation will still be an option available to you and if it can provide the best outcome, we will aggressively represent you and your rights in divorce court.

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The family law attorneys at our firm pride themselves on their attention, energy, and professionalism. For more information or to schedule a consultation regarding divorce mediation and dispute resolution, please contact our Cook County law offices.

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