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Katz Law Office, Ltd. - A Chicago Law Firm

Katz Law Office, Ltd. has the capacity to provide a wide range of immigration and other legal services for individuals and families who often feel they have nowhere to turn for efficient, affordable and effective legal advice and representation. Our attorneys and legal professionals are also active in our community and serve as human rights advocates for the immigrant and Spanish-speaking communities.

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Matthew Katz Monica Pirri John Rottier Laura Klosowski
Matthew Katz Monica Pirri John Rottier Laura Klosowski
Juneitha Shambee Lisa Nosek Erika Muniz Bradley Schencker
Juneitha Shambee
Research Attorney
Lisa Nosek Erika Muñiz
Mexico City
Bradley Schencker
Jeffrey Middlesworth Phillip Schlichting Luis Fernandez
Jeffrey Middlesworth Phillip Schlichting
Luis Fernandez
Mexico City

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Online or call (773) 847-8982 to speak with an attorney that will provide you with the attention, energy and professionalism you need at a price you can afford.

While we maintain office hours from 9am–6:30pm Monday through Friday and 9am–6pm on Saturday, we are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to immediately and aggressively protect your rights.

Se habla Español – Our lawyers speak fluent Spanish and can guide you throughout the legal process in a language that you can understand.

We accept all major credit cards