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A work injury can be devastating.   Not only do you find yourself unable to work due to the injury, but often times, your employer and its insurance company deny you medical treatment you need to get back to work and refuse to pay for your time off work.  They hope that you will give up and forget about your injury and become someone else’s problem.
With the assistance of an attorney, you can ensure that you are receiving the three primary benefits to which you are entitled to when you are injured on the job.

  1. Medical Benefits:  Your employer must pay 100% of all your medical bills that are related to your work accident.  In addition, in Illinois, you get to pick your own doctor.  You do not have to treat with the company’s doctor.
  2. Time off Work:  If your injury requires that you refrain from working while you are recuperating, your employer must pay 2/3 of your weekly wage.  
  3. Permanent Disability:  You are entitled to permanent disability benefits as well, which are meant to compensate you for the permanent nature of your injury.

If your employer fails to provide any of these benefits in a timely manner, you have the right to take your case before an arbitrator for a hearing. 
There are other benefits as well, depending on the circumstances of your injury and treatment.  The best way to find out what you are entitled to when you are injured is to speak to an attorney.