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If You Have Not Divorced in Mexico, Can You Remarry in the United States?

If You Have Not Divorced in Mexico, Can You Remarry in the United States? Chicago Divorce Attorneys If you have not divorced in Mexico, but you remarried in the United States, could this affect you? In short, yes. If you are married to another person anywhere in the world, you may not marry again until your first marriage is formally ended. To attempt to do otherwise is to attempt to commit bigamy, which is the state of being legally married to two separate people at the same time. Bigamy i[...]

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Learn the Steps to Avoid Losing Your Home to Illinois Foreclosure

Learn the Steps to Avoid Losing Your Home to Illinois Foreclosure Chicago Mortgage Foreclosure Attorneys If you are facing foreclosure, don't give up hope just yet. There are ways you can work to keep your home. Before signing away your deed or allowing the bank to foreclose on your house, contact an experienced foreclosure attorney to discuss the options that are available to you. Depending on your circumstances, keeping your home can be fairly simple or require a more complicated strategy.[...]

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Katz Builds Legal Career Based on a Mission

Katz Builds Legal Career Based on a Mission By Olivia Clarke - Chicago Lawyer At age 32, and with only about four years of legal experience, Matthew Katz has turned his legal practice into a thriving law firm with 10 lawyers and four offices, including a new office in Mexico City. Described by his colleagues as a visionary and by his clients as trustworthy, Katz has built a law practice that provides a full range of legal services to the local Spanish-speaking community. His legal career[...]

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Deferred Action for Parental Accountability Program

It is crucial to understand and weigh the potential benefits and risks of the new executive action for parents. Some of the benefits of the DAPA Program include: A pause of being deportable for 3 years, an employment permit if required to work and the right to travel for purposes of employment, school or humanitarian purposes. Some of the risks are: those applicants who are suspected of committing fraud in the process will be the first to be deported, and there is not a right to receive it, or[...]

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Mexico City Office and New Multilingual Website

In conjunction with the opening of their new Mexico City office, Katz Law Office, Ltd. has launched a new informative website. The multilingual website can be found at and contains helpful legal information for clients that is available in both Spanish and English. “It can sometimes be challenging for Mexico City residents to find trustworthy legal information in their native language. Our new multilingual website takes away the language barrier for those s[...]

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Father Marcos Cardenas on Radio Show

Attorney Katz and Father Cardenas discussed the wider issue of government power and the rights of the citizens who had been targeted. If their families feel they are in danger, they may seek asylum assistance with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer. Asylum is typically granted in relation to political strife in foreign countries, but the issue has garnered attention in the legal community as well due to the number of domestic violence occurrences abroad. The debate over whether w[...]

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